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    *Cost for IRS 1040 with Schedule A and accompanying state return.
    Additional forms, rush service and other factors may increase the cost of your return.
    National data taken from WSJ.com: What Tax Preparers Are Really Charging for 2014 Returns.
  • Guarding your
    Financial Future
    An enrolled agent can guard against common tax errors
    that software and novices can easily miss.
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    growing businesses
    From sole proprietor to large operation
    we can provide full tax services from
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Great Service has led to Great Reviews

  • Gabriel came to our home, picked up the forms needed to prepare and personally delivered our tax return the next morning. I am very confident he was able to get the most money out of my refund. When speaking with Gabe you can tell he is highly educated in his profession. He was kind extremely professional and a cool guy to get along with. I will continue to use his services as long as he will provide them!

    Jestin F. Thumbtack Review

    Very professional, very fast, very reasonable Gabe did a terrific job for me on my taxes. I had a lot of complicated stuff, a sale of a home, a refi, and other stuff too complicated for me to process, and I didn't think turbo tax would be the way to go. He took all my info and completed it all within 48 Hours! Really amazing. He returned to my house with everything neatly laid out for my records. Oh ya, and his price was extremely reasonable. I would definitely use his company again.

    Tim W. Thumbtack Review

    Gabriel did our 2016 return. He showed up on time was expeditious prepared it on a weekend and returned it the following day on a Sunday. It was seamless and did it all in our home. He was a third of the cost of HR Block which I used for the last 2 years and he was more knowledgeable and we received a great return package with all receipts and a significant refund!

    Joseph R. Thumbtack Review

  • Gabe is very knowledgeable, professional, and extremely efficient -- highly recommend his services.

    Dawn U. Google Review

    Gabe is one of the most meticulous tax preparers I have ever had do my taxes. He is courteous, and generous with his time and knowledge. Don't let the picture fool you this guy is sharp, thoughtful of you and your family, and very respectful of you and your time.

    Franklin T. S. Yelp Review

    Did our state and federal taxes quickly and efficiently. Very pleasant person and definitely committed to customer satisfaction.

    Peter L. Thumbtack Review

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Services Provided

Personal Tax

As an Enrolled Agent with the IRS, I am admitted to practice before the Internal Revenue Service for all tax matters up to tax court. My credential allows me to represent any tax matter to the IRS on behalf of an individual or organization, and can handle more types of issues than a tax return preparer that does not hold the Enrolled Agent credential. Call Today: (719) 896-7051 More...

Personal Financial Consulting

I can analyze your income and spending habits and make recommendations to put you in the best financial situation possible. Call Today: (719) 896-7051 for a free consultation!

Business Tax

As an Enrolled Agent with the IRS, I am admitted to practice before the Internal Revenue Service for all tax matters up to tax court. I can file your business taxes and prepare your payroll, minimizing the time you have to spend away manging non-operational aspects of your company. Call Today: (719) 896-7051 More...

Business Financial Management

In addition to handling taxes and payroll, let me review your business' financial status and provide guidance on how to maximize profit while minimizing risk, using the latest predictive analytics tools and methods as well as late-breaking industry and tax standards. Call Today: (719) 896-7051 to get started!

Customized Tax Planning

Do you make more than $75,000 a year? If so, you likely need the advice of a professional tax planner to make sure you are limiting your tax liability and making appropriate financial decisions for your future. One commonly missed deduction could cost a Colorado Springs resident making $75,000/year with a family of four $1,000!

Call me NOW: (719) 896-7051 to schedule your FREE consultation!

Doing your taxes yourself makes sense if you file form 1040EZ - because most online tax providers will allow you to file for free! But if you're at a point where the 1040EZ no longer covers you and you make more than $75,000 a year, there are simply too many variables to account for that an enrolled agent can identify for you. With annual continuing education requirements and a rigourus testing schedule, enrolled agents have the most tax-specific education requirements of any profession and are best suited to help you with your tax needs.